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16-Mar-2020 14:47

You start taking your time more seriously and you start bailing early as well. And yes, some of them are in relationships or may even be married.I remember going on one with a really condescending guy who ended every other sentence with “What?? You will meet the nasty, the weird, the boring, the awkward.And…you’ll also meet people whom you share amazing chemistry and conversations with, BUT who never call you back or ask you out again. And there could be tons of reasons you have no idea about – he’s married, he’s just looking for a person to have a dinner date with, he’s just got out of a relationship etc etc.You can spend tons of hours analyzing and overthinking their actions, but you know what? First off, you might have enjoyed the date, and he might not have. Instead of analyzing what I might have said/done wrong during the 30 minute coffee date, it’s best to move on and form connections with people who genuinely wanted to know me.As someone who counts a lot on observing people and their body language, this bit about online dating always bothers me.

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Also, this is a pretty obvious one – but good looks really don’t mean a damn thing. He also spoke really well and was a great conversationalist.Adding to the point above, you might have met someone whom you really felt something with, but after a couple of dates the person tells you they aren’t feeling it (if they are honest) or they just ghost you.