35 rules of dating student speed dating southampton

09-Apr-2020 19:17

For twenty potential partners () you should choose , which is 35% of . For a hundred potential partners () you should choose (that’s obviously 37% of ) and for (an admittedly unrealistic) 1000 () you should choose , which is 36.8% of .

Here's the plot of the best value of against again, confirming the 37% rule.

Let’s calculate the probability of picking X if you date people out of and then go for the next person who is better than the previous ones.

Obviously it all depends on when you date X — right at the start, somewhere in the middle of your dating spree, or towards the end.

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Instead of "Don't Talk to a Man," make like a delicate flower and don't Facebook, text, tweet, or even consider hitting up that manly man via dating site.Sadly, a person you have dated and then rejected isn’t available to you any longer later on.