Accomodating management style

17-May-2020 04:33

The struggle is that owls must have two willing parties to collaborate.

These parties must have high levels of communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Sharks can escalate emotions and create barriers easily. The Fox: Compromise Their strength is communication and a willingness to find win-win or lose-lose compromises. Owls can build trust, respect and deeper relationship.

Often the fox is able to craft intelligent intermediate solutions. They are not tied to their way and tend to have an open mind for pragmatic solutions that create a win-win experience.

Overwhelmed, the young student begins to become restless and the teacher notices the student struggling.

The teacher finishes up their lecture and pulls out five marker pens and places them in front of the young student.

Students who learn visually have to see it to understand it.

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Secretly, they tend to have a low self-esteem and use likability from others as a way to build their own self-confidence. The Shark: Competition The strength of this style is the ability to be strong, courageous, and bring a conflict out in the open quickly. The struggles are becoming too pushy, tactless, and hurting peoples’ feelings. The Owl: Collaboration The strength of this style is integrity.

The teacher then explains the concept and allows the young student to experience adding and subtracting, kinesthetically.