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He is known as a creative mixologist, developing new drinks. He is the food and beverage manager, although in series three it was revealed that he is on a permanent diet, after having lost of weight following the advice of a man who stayed at the hotel.

From the beginning of the series, James is shown to be somewhat socially conservative, serving as something of a foil for Gino, who has more of a sympathy for the poor and less fortunate stemming from his own upbringing.

Despite their divorce, they decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary and thereafter renew their sexual relationship.

However, when he discovers that she had had an abortion when he left, they break up, and he begins to fall for Emily, the PR manager.

Hotel Babylon is a British television drama series based on the book of the same name by Imogen Edwards-Jones, that aired from 19 January 2006 to 14 August 2009, produced by independent production company Carnival Films for BBC One.

The show followed the lives of workers at a glamorous five-star hotel.

Emily Rushby (work name Emily James) is played by Alexandra Moen.

She appeared at the beginning of the third series posing as a journalist attempting to seize incriminating information from the staff before revealing herself as the new manager of PR, much to the chagrin of the staff.

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Casemore is married and has two children; his daughter appears in Series 3.Juliet has no issue making tough decisions but when it comes to her personal life she is thrown off course when former husband Sam turns up at the hotel.However, the two decided to work together and became friendly together.He uses his knowledge of London helps the guests anyway he can, in some cases this includes finding prostitutes.

Casemore has a good friendship with his fellow workers at the hotel, in particular Anna; their relationship could be described as paternal as well as good friends.

However, in episode 5, a brief incident involving Meredith Sutton made a rupture in the relationship.