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11-Feb-2020 18:22

Tom Hooper’s thunderclap revamp of the long-running stage show, based in turn on Victor Hugo’s doorstop of a novel, is cinema as battering ram: it slams into your gut 24 times a second until all you can do is roll over and roar along.Hooper, hot off The King’s Speech, has made an enormous musical of enormous songs, sung by some of the most enormous-looking faces to have ever appeared on a cinema screen.During One Day More, when he sings “My place is here, I fight with you,” the line runs you through like a Rada-polished bayonet. Modern cinemagoers have no more common ground with Marius’s rather glamorised plight than they do with, say, Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk, and yet I found myself sobbing along with the rest of the auditorium.This reaction has been pooh-poohed by some American critics, who made the mistake of trying to engage with the film as drama.When I first saw the new film version of Les Misérables a month ago I was sufficiently awestruck to give it five stars, but was curious this week as to whether I would be quite so bowled over on a second, cooler-headed viewing.Now I am slightly concerned that another month will ever pass in which I will be able to stop myself rewatching it.Jackman is Jean Valjean, a chain gang slave who skips parole to reinvent himself as mayor of Montreuil.He is thereby caught up in the tragic story of Fantine (Anne Hathaway), a seamstress who falls on hard times, and her angelic daughter Cosette (Isabelle Allen).

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‘It was so easy to relate to each other because we were all jumping out of an aeroplane together.And it was the X-Men actor that impressed Anne the most.