Ano ang dating pangalan ng san agustin church

25-May-2020 16:48

Family, can be one, since it is central to our culture. if we fail to do so, we seem to go back to prehispanic and colonial times when we only pay loyalty to our regions and families.

*** As UP students, you can, and you ought not only to be proud of an esteemed (but oftentimes criticized) institution.

On the second thought, why would he teach something that is stupendously a big lie if he knows the time of his second coming in the first place?

These are hard questions that the proponents of Christ-is-God doctrine will never be able to answer!

It’s easy to be a Basilio more focused in finishing studies than of being concerned with one’s society.

It is understandable when all the dreamers have mostly failed or have seen their ideals reduced in effect.

The true church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ is a MONOTHEISTIC RELIGION which means they believe in the oneness of God.

There are so many verses in the Bible that support this teaching: When we teach that the Lord Jesus Christ is NOT God, it becomes a surprise to many who are not aware of the INC’s position on the true God.

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I can tell you who didn’t think of my jabs in FB as bluff – the people who took out the loans themselves! They knew what they have done, yet they continued to deny, mislead, and deceive the brethren.

In the future, make sure “liar” ain’t one of them, eh? Vjg DA Access the Truth, Iglesia ni Cristo blogspot, OWE ministers and followers, did you really think I was just bluffing? In all seriousness, my findings did not make me happy.

Why did you think no one took me up on my challenge? Actually, I almost felt sick reading these loan documents.

Granting that Christ emptied himself of his divine attribute, that is, of being an omniscient when he declared that "even the Son does not know the day and hour of his coming," is Christ trying to obscure the issue of his coming? Would it be logical to accept the obvious contradiction of this position that beyond his negation in this verse, that as God, he knows fully the time of his coming.

On the other hand, does it not appear that Christ is a hypothetical liar by acknowledging publicly something that he does not know when inwardly he knows it?They find it hard to believe that we deny the alleged deity of Christ.