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A store clerk before enlisting on April 1, 1943, he served in England, France, and Belgium, before meeting his death in Belgium in an unfortunate accident on November 12, 1944.Smith was accidentally killed while trying to take his Stengun out of the back of a military truck. He grabbed it by the muzzle and gave it a hard pull, causing the cocking piece to be pulled back far enough.He also was from the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, and died February 26, 1945 at the age of 19.

If you know of other soldiers from PEI, please help the researchers at the Faces to Grave project by sharing that information.

(See id=Iz7WAAAAMAAJ) Before returning to place flags at the rest of the known soldiers from PEI, we stopped by a memorial marking the route on February 8, 1945 where soldiers marched into Germany on their way from Groesbeek, as part of .

This was the northern part of an Allied pincer movement that took place between February 8 and March 11, 1945 during the final stages of the Second World War.

King Minos and the Minotaur remain shrouded in mystery and mythology, yet evidence of a Bronze Age ‘Bull Cult’ at the Minoan palaces abounds.

Were bulls merely for entertainment or did they have a deeper significance?In 17th-century England, talking about Islam was a way of criticising the powers that be.