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07-Jul-2020 20:38

“We’re going to step away for a little while,” Kelley tells .“As a band, we’ve talked about wanting to get off the hamster wheel for a little bit and let the fans miss us for a second.We want to spend some time to write a record like we did for our first record.But it’s always been go, go, go, so we’ll try to get reinspired a little bit.” in 2014, has vanquished any fear of losing momentum.“Just being able to write a song that may not necessarily be a Lady Antebellum song, to put on a different hat. Because you can try to guess what they would want to say, and how they would sing it,” he says.Lady Antebellum member Hillary Scott says a three-year hiatus was the best thing to happen to the multiplatinum group.

“We wrote this song to reflect on the reality that things are more complex than that.Its first single, "You Look Good," has been warmly welcomed by country radio. LET'S GO GIRLS: Shania Twain is back and coming to Houston Personal lives have amped up as well, now that the group is back in action. She and husband Chris Tyrell have a 4-year-old daughter, Eisele Kaye.