Colorguard drumline dating

20-Jul-2020 10:49

Please fill it out and press submit to continue along with the process of joining the ISUCF’V’MB.

Only fill out the form if you will be auditioning Fall 2019 Over 350 students get involved with the ISUCF’VMB and there is a wide variety of positions that are available.

Because of this, we have slightly different audition processes for the four major categories that we have: Winds, Drumline, Color Guard, and Twirler.

Click on the corresponding pictures to learn more about each category.

Please add [email protected] your email contact list if you plan to submit an audition request form.

Check your spam folder if you have not received a response within two to three days after submitting an audition request. Candidates for the brass and woodwind sections of the Cornhusker Marching Band must complete a two-part audition process.

Video submissions will be accepted if circumstances prevent individuals from being on campus to audition.

Candidates may also be asked to sight read and play any of the posted exercises as well.

In the ensemble audition, candidates will be seen in various combinations on their instrument(s) of choice playing through the posted exercises.

Color guard candidates are not required to choreograph routines.

A recording of the audition routine, involving both flag work and dance, will be sent via email to candidates approximately one week prior to auditions.Playing auditions (first round) are held in the spring and consist of a prepared solo, a major scale.