Consolidating emails gmail

25-Feb-2020 10:29

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9) Click the gear icon, then click Troubleshooting: If the system repeatedly tells you that you’ve entered the wrong username and/or password—but you’re certain that you’ve entered it correctly—it’s erroring because you either have two-step verification enabled on your old account or because Google believes the attempt to access the account is malicious.

The easiest way to resolve the problem is to enable two-step verification (if you haven’t already) and create an app password.

20) Paste either your Google account password or app password into the password field, depending on which you used in the last section. Gmail will send a confirmation code to your old email address.

Open your old Gmail account again, find the confirmation email from Google, and copy the confirmation code—then switch back to your button in Gmail, and you can now choose to send emails from your old or your new Gmail address.

Create an App Password: ) fields unchanged, and enter your username—including the @[domain]extension.

If you have a G Suite at school or at work that’s going to be deleted and want to move the data to a different account first, need to use multiple accounts but hate switching between them, or if you just don’t want your email address to be anymore—there’s no quick and easy solution. You have to transfer data out of and into every individual Google product you use—Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and so on.