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07-May-2020 12:23

Some of the more common disagreements that arise in households where finances have been merged are: 1) One spouse spends compulsively less frequently, but on big items, while one spouse spends compulsively more frequently, but on small items.

Both spouses are left feeling the other is spending too much.

2) One spouse has taste preferences, values something, or has a hobby that the other doesn’t value or participate in.

This can be anything from nice cars to expensive food to a private club membership to an expensive latte every day.

But rather, we focused on advising the client in other areas where money could be saved.

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all have implications on your household credit, as well as your budget and saving capabilities.

” In facilitating this discussion, we learn things about our clients that help us deliver advice that the client actually wants to take because it falls in line with their values.