Consolidating school districts illinois

19-Sep-2020 20:44

The New Rules Project has documented advantages of small schools, including improved dropout rates, higher grades and higher rates of college attendance.

The “cost savings” of larger schools are only apparent if the results are ignored.

Parental involvement is much greater for smaller schools than for larger schools.

This factor is picked up on by children who value education higher when they see their parents taking a personal interest in it.

There is also the problem of uprooting children from schools where they are established and putting them in a larger milieu they may be poorly prepared to deal with, particularly important for more rural areas.

Many communities will fight to maintain local control over their schools, and will resent any effort to remove or weaken their influence on their children’s education.

If we consider the goal of schools to be improving the lives of students, enabling them to be better citizens, and earning higher incomes (therefore paying higher taxes) then smaller schools are actually much more cost effective than larger schools.

All of that is before you even begin to factor in such things as “sense of community” or physical safety which can be difficult to quantify, but that we know are greatly enhanced in smaller schools.

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In February 2015 former Governor Bruce Rauner created the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force to study issues of local government and school district consolidation and unfunded mandates, and to identify opportunities to streamline government.

The Civic Federation is a member of Transform Illinois, a coalition of civic and research organizations and elected officials committed to improving government efficiency.

Cook County’s public health system has sounded an alarm about the increasing cost of services for which it does not receive reimbursement, saying that Cook County Health will not be able to fulfill its mission of providing care to all—regardless...

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is on record as favoring the addition of incentives to sweeten the deal for local districts that are merging.

This might include building a new school for two districts that merge, or paying off the debt of a school to make it more attractive as a merger partner.The attendance rates of smaller schools are higher than the larger schools, attesting to the sense of community felt by students of the smaller schools.

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