Consolidating tracks into one album in itunes

21-Oct-2020 17:39

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After a few seconds you’ll get a message letting you know the authorization was successful and the number of computers that are authorized.

Keep in mind that i Tunes only lets you authorize up to 5 machines.

While Home Sharing is a pretty cool feature for sharing media between machines on your network, both machines need to be on with i Tunes running.

If you try to close out of i Tunes on one of the machines you’ll get the following message.

After verifying that the transfer has been completed successfully, you can delete the old i Tunes Media folder as well as the original tracks because everything now resides in your library.

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This can be handy if you have a central computer with all of your i Tunes data and you want to share it with other machines like a Netbook on your network.Apple lets you deauthorize all 5 machines through your account once a year.After setting up sharing on the second machine, everything from the first machine will be shared over to the new machine including music you’ve purchased or added to the Library, Podcasts, Videos, Playlists, Apps…basically everything.The files you will find there are important to i Tunes as they regulate various areas such as the media database, the various pieces of artwork from albums and songs, and more.

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Since we merely want to move the library to another location, you should leave everything untouched for now.If you’re an i Tunes user, when you get a new machine you probably want to transfer all of your content to it.

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