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09-Oct-2020 04:56

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Don't let her beauty (or nipples) fool you. But would you expect any less from the ex-wife of wild boy Charlie Sheen?According to Radar Online, Mueller was treated for her crack addiction as an inpatient at a Los Angeles facility in 2001. Mostly because of the hilarious skits he inspired on the "Chappelle's Show," but also because of the pure fact that he would get completely wasted and keep making music.In 1995, Oprah admitted that she started using the drug when her boyfriend introduced it to her.This was when she was in her 20s, as she also admits to having stopped since they split.

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was Hollywood's bad boy actor, when he was arrested for drug possession and was sent to jail.But when he almost killed himself after freebasing cocaine and slamming down some 151 rum (he caught himself on fire), you would think he'd learn his lesson. He went on to make many jokes during his stand up specials about his crack use, as he never slowed down. Rob Zombie is an acclaimed movie director, Osbourne is a model family man and Rick James is, well... From his box office success in "The Social Network" in 2010, to his latest creation in HBO's "Newsroom," Sorkin proves that quality comes from experience.

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