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22-Sep-2020 13:04

Right off the top of my head, I think of discrimination suits – especially if the supervisor has had multiple work relationships assumedly all with the same gender.

What all of this leads to is that when it comes to supervisor-supervisee relationships, you need to be really careful.

If that person comes up for a promotion or has a spat with another worker, it would be easy to – even subconsciously – side with that person.

On the other hand, it might be just as easy to go the other way and try to be so unbiased for the person that you actually end up doing the exact opposite and act biased them.

If the relationship was documented, open, and no decisions about the employee were made by the executive he or she has the relationship with, then there is a chance that the only lines that are being crossed are those of some questionable morals.

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The ethical reasons behind not allowing executives to date employees is pretty obvious. After all, innocent or not, it is hard to remain unbiased against someone you are romantically linked to.

At the very least, it is wise to take steps to ensure any relationship is brought forward to the company, given visibility to the rest of the workers, and conducted in an-above board manner.