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Many aspects of Anglo-Saxon literary culture are likewise examined, as contributors gauge the chronological significance of the monsters, heroes, history, and theology brought together in Beowulf.

Discussions of methodology and the history of the discipline also figure prominently in this collection.

As no one could seemingly present any solid proof for a particular date, but rather “a cautious and necessary incertitude” it became a free-for-all to study the way in which the poem had been received at particular times during the last 1000 years or more.

No longer was there “a text in this class”, only shifting audiences.

Now the time had come to explore the poetic qualities of the poem without having to consider its “Sitz im Leben”, its cultural context or even worse, come to grips with the complicated evidence presented by the linguistic, philological, phonological, palaeographical or metrical experts, who had for a long time plodded ahead trying to understand this enigmatic and beautiful poem in its cultural and historical context.

Instead the time had arrived for New Critics to “own the field”.

Colin Robert Chase (1935 – October 13, 1984) was an American academic.

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Luckily, though, the careful plodders – “The Hush Puppies” – continued to rake the earth, studying the diminutive details of such boring elements as etymological lengths, Kaluza’s Law, the confusion and faulty transliteration of letter pairs like d and ð by the scribes and a number of other interesting features. In 1992, this resulted in his seminal publication on History of the Old English Meter. Boydell and Brewer 2014 ISBN: 9781843843870 In 1815 the poem, Beowulf, was first published.Although we get an overview of the unfolding of this controversies in the 19 century, we soon grasp that this new book from 2014 is primarily intended to be part in the scholarly debate, which has waxed and waned since 1981, when a conference took place in Toronto, which later came to be known as “The Scandal in Toronto” [1].His most notable work, The Dating of Beowulf, was credited with upsetting the accepted orthodoxy of the dating of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, and leaving behind "a cautious and necessary incertitude". A.s from Saint Louis University and Johns Hopkins University, and at the University of Toronto, where in 1967 he became a part-time instructor, he completed his Ph. Michael's College and the Centre for Medieval Studies; from 1977 until 1984, he chaired the centre's Medieval Latin Committee.

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He was particularly known for his 1981 edited collection The Dating of Beowulf, and from 1976 served as the chief reviewer of the Beowulf section of "The Year's Work in Old English Studies" in the Old English Newsletter.Or is it rather a creature of nostalgia and imagination, born of the desire of a later age to create for itself a glorious past?

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