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He kept urging Kamitani to get to the point."The time is in half an hour. He didn't bother with checking anything else in the factory.The place is…" Kamitani told him a location, then paused for a moment. It would look bad if Seiji was in the middle of preparing something like a trap when he arrived. Seiji found an old chair that was barely still in working condition and sat down. Seiji had his eyes closed and was resting when he opened his eyes as he sensed something.He had on a black breathing mask that only revealed the upper half of his pale face.He also had bright red eyes and dark circles under his eyes, making him look rather sickly.After that, an obstacle to their love would crop up, and after a struggle, the main characters overcome their love obstacle, and they live happily ever after. "I want the male lead to be just like you, Seiji, and the more similar he is to you the better! This is gender equality." ' Gender equality that's not what it means!"I'd like your opinion on the specifics, though." "I see." Chiaki nodded in understanding. " "Yes, I'll take whatever you say into consideration and do my best to write it in. Even if he's dressed like a girl, he needs to seem like one of those girls who appear powerful and spirited, not the weak type who need protecting. ' Seiji didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

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You'd better not set a trap for me, Kamitani-kun."After that, Seiji hung up and looked at Shika and the others."I'm going out now.""Please be careful, Brother," Shika told him. However, their expressions said the same."I will." Seiji smiled. Weeds were growing all over, the walls were filthy, the lighting was dim, and there was abandoned machinery and garbage everywhere… Seiji had often seen such places before on television and in movies. This abnormal heat was approaching from outside and getting constantly closer."I used just about every favor I could in order to arrange this face-to-face meeting for you. If what you say doesn't satisfy him, it's highly likely that he'll directly attack you. You might even die.""Stop saying such useless things," Seiji stated coldly. ""I've already worked so hard, so as my friend, you won't even console me a little?

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