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For most vintage Singers, you'll be able to find detailed instructions on cleaning, oiling, common issues, easy fixes, user manuals, service manuals, and exploded diagrams of parts.For really popular models, like the Featherweight, there are entire online communities dedicated to them. They were produced in large quantities and there's lots of information about them online.The 301 also continued to use a lightweight aluminum frame. The 400 and 500 series machines were referred to as Rocketeers because of their space age design, and their beige color was a departure from the mostly black Singer sewing machines that had come before.Some of these included built-in or insertable cams, which could create fanzy zigzag stitches. I have a Singer 503A, and I love some of its features.These sewing machines all used their own individualized parts, which can be difficult to find today.Many of them used long shuttles instead of the bobbins we're more familiar with today.

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Again, this is an industry standard set by the popularity of early Singer sewing machines.This was the start of the slant shank machines manufactured by Singer.As the name indicates, the needle bar was slanted forward for greater visibility while you're sewing.They're solid, well-built straight stitch sewing machines.

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They can do fancy stitches if you buy a zigzagger attachment (note that the ones below is for a slant shank machine, rather than a low shank machine, as the 66, 99, 185, & 201 are). As the name implies, it had an aluminum body which was much lighter than the cast iron sewing machines that came before. It tends to be more expensive than other vintage sewing machines, since it's quite popular.

These shuttles are difficult to find and don't work as well as bobbins.