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22-Oct-2019 20:09

If external factors affected your GMAT score, then retaking is a no-brainer.But there are other situations in which the decision to retake is not that easy to make.In the following sections, I break down some of the most common mistakes students make in their initial GMAT prep.Many people have problems on their GMAT because they have studied with the wrong books.Consider the following scenario: math has always been your strength.When you started studying for the GMAT, you enjoyed solving math problems a lot.

For instance, hoping for a 200-point increase in less than a month of prep is unrealistic.If you are sick, dealing with a personal or family issue, or taking the GMAT in less than perfect conditions (I’ve heard many stories of people underperforming because of construction work that disrupted their ability to focus), then a retake may be advisable.