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28-Sep-2020 17:10

However, its blue stripes are no longer segmented and run the entire length of the leg and there is now a large spike on the knee.Two pairs of whip-like tentacles with pointed tips, one reddish-orange and one blue, replace its previous coiled, blunted tentacles.

If it weren’t for Dark Pulse, Deoxys Attack would probably faint before launching a Charge Move. It’ll deal more DPS than any other Pokemon in the game, but for how long and at what cost? Poison Jab (3 DPT/3.5 EPT) gives you the best chance of accomplishing anything.

The protrusions on its head are now triangular with an additional one extending from the top of its head.

Most of its reddish-orange skin has receded, revealing a striated, black chest and abdomen. Deoxys's Defense Forme has bulky, wide legs that are somewhat flat at the end with a bluish-green spot on each knee.

The reddish-orange skin now covers the entire body, so none of its inner black portion is visible.

There is now a single blue stripe on each shoulder, and its tail has disappeared.While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, it has three other Formes.

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