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18-Jan-2020 23:51

Be sure to tune in every Tuesday starting at 4 PM PT to learn about what’s new and cool in the world of video games.Through the wonder of dating sims, you can experience the myriad delights of dating pretty much anything nowadays; hot dads, men who turn into cats, girls who are secretly tanks, Cthulhu, alpacas, college-attending pigeons, the list goes on and on.We’re super-excited to meet this arsenal of companionship, but if we had our say, there are a few iconic weapons we’d love to see get the series, the Master Sword is faithful, dependable, and always there for you (granted it’s usually stuck in a stone pedestal).If you’re looking for the nice, wholesome type who will take you on a picnic lunch in the woods and is willing to wait across the years for you, then Link’s favorite sword might just be your soulmate.And that’s another very interesting layer to the game – trying to enjoy the company of your weapon of choice – that I haven’t seen another game explore to any real degree.week on Twitch and Alpha, hosts Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger talk video games with special industry guests, insightful coverage and a ton of audience interaction on our show Game Engine.Sure he’s is a little controlling and your relationship might just turn you into a lich, but you’ll definitely be a power couple amongst the ghosts and ghouls of the dungeon.

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There’s even a s set of brass knuckles that turns into a cute, cuddly cat for you to befriend!Which is a bonkers idea at first blush, but remarkably intuitive when you think about it.