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I'm a mechanic by trade and sort of specialize in tiny things anyway. See this thread, you will also see some links to repair service. 4582-Dunhill-Rollagas-Lighters&highlight=rollagas Thanks for posting the links but, I'm really interested in doing the repairs myself. Byast as I do know he's somewhat of a figurehead in the vintage lighter community.I just need a schematic and maybe some instructions. Perhaps he can point me in a direction toward a solution.Dunhill Red Lighter Flints are slightly softer than cheaper competitive flint products, so using a Dunhill flint will create a greater spark and will reduce the wear on the flint wheel.This will extend the time between servicing your Dunhill Rollagas Lighter.

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In our Dunhill collection, you will discover Rollagas lighters with tiger, alligator, barley, weave and more patterns accenting these reliable and luxurious lighters.

Oring kits and a set of schematics and instructions. 8 dollars I believe for enough stuff to do two lighters and the literature. It was modified by Dunhill so the flame is directed sideways for the pipe.