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07-Oct-2019 21:15

The first question an engineer asks before changing anything should always be 'what problem are we trying to solve here? In this case, there are many inefficiencies to the current Ant build process which can be improved by using Maven.The collaboration server is comprised of dozens of third party Java libraries, and managing those libraries is a cumbersome process.Several existing Zimbra dependencies are not available in Maven public repositories, for example jar files which Zimbra has patched or jar files which simply are not published in Maven by their author.These are kept in Perforce under Zimbra Common/jars-bootstrap.In general this is great because it prevents developers from accidentally forgetting to run unit tests and submitting bad code.However, it may be necessary to skip tests under some circumstances; for example if there are sporadic/environmental failures, or if you need to build your component even though some unrelated test is failing.Maven uses the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable to pass arguments to the underlying Java process.It sometimes helps to set a higher max memory size than default: Now is a great time to upgrade to Eclipse Luna if you have not done so already. required): m2e: https:// m2e dynamic source lookup: The .project/.classpath files have been updated to use the Maven build nature for projects which have been converted.

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The easiest way to install it is via homebrew: If you do not already have homebrew installed, see the homebrew website for instructions

These instructions are mutually exclusive with m2e, so use one or the other but not both.

To do this, first open the files in question so they are writable, then run the eclipse:clean and eclipse:eclipse goals Classath Variables, or through the mvn eclipse:configure-workspace goal as described here: If you don't want to use Maven directly, just call your normal Ant targets which should still work.

Updating maven dependencies console shows: "Missing artifact org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.0:compile" I checked the Problems view ...

Dependent maven projects not being added to STS's 'Maven Dependencies' folder.Probably will be useful with targets like dev-sync.