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29-Dec-2019 12:03

The closer it got to convention time, the more I got cold feet.Several times I reminded her that this meeting might be the end of us.I imagined the position she was in when she took the self- portrait, probably sitting on the very edge of a chair with her pussy hanging over and holding the digital camera ready for just the right moment.Over the next 3 months we exchanged a variety of photos, but never of anything but our genitals, and in her case, only extreme close-ups.I slept in one Saturday morning, not having to go to work, and when I awoke my computer was flashing a message.I knew it would be Curious, but I wasn't expecting what appeared when I opened the message.It wasn't long before the electronic relationship started to wane.

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When I want sex, it is much easier to go to the internet and masturbate, or when I tire of the self abuse, I pick up a common street walker. Wasting time between appointments and tiring of the same old porn sites I frequented, I casually clicked on an adult chat link.