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Much to America's horror, Russia decides that the two of them are going to fall in love. Lavi had always at least half-believed the legends about men and women who could turn into wolves; there were too many stories from too many parts of the world about men-wolves for the tales to be dismissed entirely... Byakuya chooses one subordinate for a one week training trip. Unsurprisingly, Gaara destroys his resolution without much effort, leaving Neji with one big problem. Lavi, sailing on a Venetian ship, is caught by Arabian pirates. XDOne case of insomnia and one bottle of expensive brandy lead to a latenight confession and a whole lot of trouble. Can Phoenix convince him that feelings aren't the enemy? It is during the duel against Yami no Bakura that the darker personality of Malik makes a startling discovery.

It sounded so foolproof in his head...[Aku Roku] It’s funny how life doesn’t always work out how we want.

YAOI Dx Leon AUKyouya’s fine with being Tamaki's BFF.

But what if another one of Tamaki’s best friend decides to disrupt their relationship, and Tamaki is completely oblivious.

I mean, I expected to leave high school with average grades, looks, and maybe a girlfriend. Being reborn as Shindou Hikaru's little brother isn't easy.

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But my best friend had another plan and decided to turn my life upside down. Having both a prodigy older brother, and a past life, can Sai live up to those expectations? One year after the case at Hazakura Temple, a change in perspective causes Phoenix to attempt to re-establish ties of friendship with Edgeworth.

What he uncovers is a complex tangle of emotions that threaten to unravel everything he thought he understood about himself and his old friend.