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27-Mar-2020 09:37

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” Take turns choosing your date ideas Do you and your spouse struggle agreeing on what you should do with your date night?

It can be difficult to slow down and think of everything that you’re grateful for – so why not set aside time to do just that?

They’ll love the selflessness of your actions and you’ll love seeing the look on their face.

Go on a double date If you're a younger couple who wants to learn from an older couple you admire, or you've been married for a while and want to help newlyweds who are starting out, go on a double date!

As you draw or act these memories, rejoice in the symbols, rituals and unifying meanings that make your marriage special. Maybe you won’t win this season’s TV talent show, but you and your spouse can be superstars in your living room!

Date drama Relationship drama can be fun when you’re acting an episode from your favourite TV show! Choose a favourite song and look up the lyrics online.Once you find out who you are, go out and encourage each other in your unique spiritual pathway.