Framemaker toc not updating

21-Feb-2020 19:28

One of my most memorable consulting moments was watching a student update her Frame Maker book and TOC and then manually add all the tabs after Frame Maker stripped them out.I can only imagine what she was thinking with each tap of the Tab key: "I hate Frame Maker, I hate Frame Maker."Don't hate Frame Maker!Each file can have its own numbering system and style.

Figure 13.2 You can access book commands by clicking buttons on the bar at the bottom of the book window.

Paragraph numbering, such as the autonumbering used for figure captions or table numbering, can be started or reset in the book file.

Settings in the book file override settings in individual files.

To build a book, you assemble its components, which can be: When the book is updated, Frame Maker updates generated files and numbering throughout the book (Figure 13.3).

Figure 13.3 The Update Book dialog box displays items that can be updated across the book.

If I were part of a workgroup, different writers could be working on different files in the book.

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