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“Since there's already an adaptive memory circuit in place about going to ball games you'll head into the date with positive expectations which can reduce anxiety.

It also provides a lot of things to talk about with your date as you can reminisce about your childhood memories of going to games with your family.

What’s a more iconic fall date than apple picking together in the countryside?

“Doing simple, traditional activities speak to your core values, and can enliven conversations about stories from your childhood,” says House.

A night in by the fire, a glass of wine or mug of hot (spiked) cider, and sharing your favorite old school Spotify playlist: it’s the modern-day equivalent of making somebody a mix tape. The nostalgia can help trigger both dopamine and oxytocin—the bonding hormone and the love hormone.

“Listening to old music can reveal what your partner’s adolescent years were like: did they have a difficult upbringing? Establishing traditions is important early in relationships, and the fall is filled with opportunities for romantic dates that can turn into annual festivities, explains House.

"They can spark those profoundly uncomplicated feelings: you feel good, happy, calm, safe.”Escape rooms require assessing your partner’s weaknesses and allow you to get to know each other’s problem-solving skills.

“You see how you each respond to stressors, leadership positions or how you handle each other’s fears or successes,” says House, adding that escape rooms are about tackling a common goal, working together, and finding a solution.

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“When we reveal ourselves to others it’s vulnerable and vulnerability is the connection point for intimacy,” says Elena Hull Cournot, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Creative Arts Therapist in NYC with her practice Indigo MFT. “Whether a stroll or a picnic, it’s a great setting for a romantic date.” Bring a bottle of bubbly or your favorite drinks, pack some nibbles to share, and spread everything out on a plush blanket for two.“One of the points of dating is to build intimacy, trust, and vulnerability with each other.Additionally, since pumpkin patches are full of families, it’s a natural segue into discussing children to see if you’re on the same page (or far past that point).Bonus: after you visit the patch, you can retreat to peace and quiet and decorate the pumpkins together.“It’s out of the ordinary, and connection and chemistry can be created by sharing this new experience.” Not your thing? Is there anything more romantic than a quiet night cuddled up together gazing up at the stars?

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Take a drive out of the city (or find a quiet locale if you’re already in the country), lay out a blanket, and simply look up.

Whether Scrabble or Scattergories, a night of healthy competition can go a long way—especially if you’re a new couple. “Friendly competition—which creates a goal other than that of making a good impression—can free us to some degree from our focus, and in so doing paradoxically make it more likely for us to behave like our natural selves and thereby actually make a good impression.” In other words: if you’re feeling nervous, getting those competitive juices flowing will help loosen you up!