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20-Jul-2020 04:10

Counter-publics can emerge in two different situations: enclaves and satellites (Squires, 2004).

Enclaves are formed when a group has been forcefully removed from the normalized culture, and must bond together for safety.

Intercultural relations refer to any interaction among people of diverse backgrounds and who possess different cultural views.

We see intercultural communication in social justice PR.

Counter-publics are groups of marginalized people formed by their conflict with the norms and values of the dominant culture.

Therefore, a counter-public sphere is the venue for marginalized populations to examine problems that are unique to them away from the dominant group.

This brand of public relations creates publicity campaigns on behalf of traditional civil rights and social justice organizations.

The efforts of social justice public relations are more than commendable.

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The public sphere is the space in which individuals can discuss problems within a community and work towards social change.The frequent coverage of the outbreak influenced public perception, but not public opinion. News stations did not tell us to panic or take any action, they simply informed us that the epidemic was more important than other events at the time.The salience of certain topics over others is the result of the agenda setting function of the press.Twitter users announced their decision to Boycott and called for African American actors/celebrities to do the same.

People tweeted facts about how seldom black and nonwhite actors are recognized in award shows like The Oscars.

The public agenda is set by media, and we as consumers ought to be aware of the effects our news consumption has on our understanding of the world.

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