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Why do we eat so little seafood for an island nation? As usual, practically none of these questions actually get answered as our heroes boldly get distracted by video games, knitting and swear words.

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Laoighseach Ní Choistealbha is a researcher, educator and activist. Peadar and Laoighseach explore privilege, language learning, grammar rules and Freudian slips as they try, and fail, to stick to the topic.

Gearóidín phones in from Finland to tell Darach and Eimear about how Swedish is a minority language there, how different it is from Finnish, and how the story of the Finns sounds familiar to Irish people.

Belfast's Máire Zepf is Northern Ireland's first ever Children's Writing Fellow and the author of nine books so far.

They talk about this very issue and what issues a new single state on this island might face and what possibilities might be created.

During her curation of the @motherfocloir account in January, Éimear asked Twitter followers to tell her what drove their interest in Irish under the hashtag #Why Irish. She tells Gearóidín all about it and the Duolingo classes and groups what were created on foot of it.

Hosted by Darach O' Séaghdha and The Irish For…

@theirishfor ( the show on twitter @motherfocloir or email us at [email protected]’s national obsessions with Leaving Cert results, social class and our self-image reaches fever pitch in August, culminating in some terrible hot takes about the state’s policy of access to Irish through the education system.

Was this a betrayal of Brehon Law and Irish history?

Or was it a reflection of what we've always done - sidelining women? Peadar asks the questions as our resident legal eagle and medievalist take on over 1500 years of misogyny and patriarchy.At the end of 2018, it was widely noted that the movement to repeal the 8th Amendment want from being a political football "too divisive to even talk about" to passing a referendum by a significant majority- all in 12 months. Could some unionists accept some version of a republic to stay in the EU?