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02-Jan-2020 23:06

Maybe they don’t understand the power of P50 and just focus on the...smell.

There’s only one thing to do in those scenarios: dump them. But now that you’re really listening, ITG thought it would be fun to assemble a group of self-proclaimed beauty diehards to talk about what it’s like to introduce their elaborate routines (and hefty product stockpiles) to a person they’re just starting to date. I’m the senior beauty editor here at Into The Gloss.

I do beauty all day, every day, so I look foward to taking a back seat to explaining everything.

However, I will admit that I totally revamped my girlfriend’s routine and now she has better skin than me. Nam: Don’t worry, you have good skin karma :) Utibe: Getting that printed on a T-shirt!

She quickly gave in to me being in charge of all self-care and bathroom related objects and just lets me boss her around in there, which is really speaking my Capricorn love language. If he would have just asked me like a normal person, I would have recommended something different for his needs.

People get self conscious when they realize they’re dating a beauty person.

I’ve worked a long time to have skin I am proud of and it requires constant upkeep. Guys with hair of no importance never realize that when you mess with curls it’s a whole endeavor to get them back in place! So she didn’t create a new routine—I just hijacked hers!

No one has ever considered me to be low maintenance. ” Nam: When I open my beauty closet and see my 12,000 serums it warms my heart. It’s a big change from dating women who were intimidated by how much I know about products and would like, lock me out of the bathroom because they didn’t want me to know what they used.

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If I’m wearing it curly, I have to pre-poo, poo, condition, moisturize, dry it with a microfiber towel, and then set it with a little bit of gel. And since my bathroom gets so hot, I usually have to do this entirely naked, or I’ll get hot and sweat and need to do the whole thing all over again.

Arabelle: I have an actual beauty closet, with compartmentalized drawers and everything.

I would not say I’m low maintenance—I definitely had a two-hour skincare routine for years, and my Instagram Live history is mostly me drunk getting un-ready and doing reviews in my pajamas.

You can’t spit in my apartment without having it land on some sort of skincare. Let the record reflect that this is a conscious decision.

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Nam Vo: Dewy dumpling over here :) I am super high maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine—I grew up with Asian women who taught me the importance of skincare.

Maybe they don’t get that your hairstyle requires a two-hour bathroom takeover.

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