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19-Aug-2020 01:05

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"As a general evolutionary rule, diversity is important to reduce too much competition for any one goal," Young tells MTV News.

"Having different men attracted to different breast sizes 'evens out the playing field' so that there are more winners; more males meet women with the breast size they desire." Some guys want to mate with women who have bigger boobs, some smaller boobs, and that's possibly why our species didn't go extinct back in the days of saber-toothed tigers.

It is the first Palaeolithic-era statue to be found in 50 years and carbon dating showed it is 23,000 years old.

Nicole Phoyu-Yedid, the head of cultural affairs in the area, said: "The discovery of this masterpiece is exceptional and internationally significant." The statue is 12cm high and is of a buxom woman – the head and arms are less detailed than her curvaceous figure, suggesting it was to do with fertility.

I hope you can help for the sake of my relationship.

David writes: Men tend to be programmed to like breasts very much indeed. Christine adds: As David says, many men – consciously or unconsciously – avoid women with tiny breasts. In fact I know several women who are absolutely gorgeous and lovely, but quite flat-chested, and the truth is that they don't seem to attract boyfriends where less attractive, but more busty, women do. But that seems to be how a lot of men are programmed.

It boils down to the fact that she does not turn me on simply because she has almost non-existent breasts. Should my otherwise happy relationship flounder simply because of two lumps on a woman's body or can I find a way of dealing with this apart from finding a new partner?

I feel that at my age I should be able to be more grown up about this but don't know how to be.

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Why else might a guy prefer smaller-than-average boobs? Swami tells us it could be due to "an acknowledgement that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, ideal preferences being shaped by current or previous partner breast size," among other possible causes.A statue of a woman with large breasts and buttocks dating back over 20,000 years has been discovered in France.The limestone statuette was found during a dig in Amiens over the summer by archaeologists, who have dubbed the discovery as "exceptional", AFP reports.You're not quite the same person as the years go on.

Golf might not be the only thing you'll be surprised to enjoy in the future.

Guys, your ideal size isn't necessarily set in stone. Martin Tovee, men's levels of "resource security" -- how comfortable they feel about their ability to survive -- predict what kind of boobs they like.