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10-Feb-2020 19:47

The story begins with Rena, the widowed wife of a mafia kingpin, having to engage in a little ashtray to the head moment when her neighbor’s invite to come over for coffee turns into a porno watching, Viagra swallowing, rapey boner of a time, forcing Rena to make sure he is well aware that .

Despite the fact that it came to my attention my brain had cast people well over the age they probably truly were supposed to be, I couldn’t help but imagine Rena as .

So fastforward back to the present where Moti and her parents are attending her cousin’s destination wedding .

If you guessed a third thumb, maybe this ain’t your first rodeo. The yacht’s private chef is a real manbun who appears destined to ruin Moti’s plans on making Nikos Three Thumbs fall in love with her.

Find all of my reviews at: float for double releases today because I do what I want and I don’t give out many 5 Stars.

Or anyone who would want to be in a book club with someone like Mitchell. Is infiltrated by new people who have inherited one of the houses that happen to be a little more like this .

I had never heard of this book (because it had not yet been released, DUH, but I didn’t know that at the time) or this author, but as soon as I saw it on Instagram I knew I had to have it. Either you’re going to embrace the crazy, or you’re gonna pull a Ron . If you choose to read it, I can almost guaranty a polar reaction. Specifically, how it went from a crazy idea for a concept album to a once-in-a-generation smash hit. I opted for the audio on this one in an attempt to turn my frown upside down on my daily commute. I still have no idea what television show she’s famous for or why she’s become such a go-to when it comes to “it girl” types of jokes by the cool kids crowd.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that when the show finally was approaching the ticket prices would be so astronomical that my poor ass would still not be able to attend. Playing the soundtrack on a never-ending loop and driving the non-theater lovers in the family crazy. For those of you who live in caves, Hamilton: The Revolution is the story behind the musical. All the fun comes in the form of it being completely over-the-top.

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