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13-May-2020 07:17

I note in the book that some people approach the task of finding their mission by first deciding what they think it be--a choice often influenced by parental expectations or a need to project a certain image to others--and then by attempting to stir up a requisite amount of passion for it.

But forcing ourselves to feel something we don’t is probably futile.

That is, what you begin with may not be what you end up with, but you must begin with something to end up with anything. Do the strategies you find yourself using to fulfill it make your life feel meaningful?

This is a question that can only be answered over time.

And if you are a life coach or any type of coach – health, business, parenting, transformational or other, then I would think that you can find at least part of your life coaching work in that sentence.

And if you are helping others create their own vision of an incredible life and commit to the mission of attaining that – how about one for you and your life coaching business? In fact – creating a vision and mission statement of your own might help you GET clients. Setting a vision and mission for your life coaching business is all about casting your dreams for your business high in the sky; ones that create a guiding light that then helps you make daily decisions about what you do and why you do it.

Since its publication, however, a number of readers have expressed their frustration with this part of the book, stating that they wished I'd offered a step-by-step guide for finding one's mission.

I make the argument that articulating to ourselves and living by a personal mission statement describing the broadest type of value, or contribution, we want to make to the world will increase not only our happiness but also our resilience (for evidence that it has such an effect, please see Chapter 2, "Find Your Mission").

A mission, I argued, isn't something an outside force assigns us but rather something we assign ourselves.

We shouldn’t try to imagine things we think excite us.

We should examine our experience to find what actually has excited us.

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