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For example, a shop may offer both online and offline options for different customers to maximize the number of sales.Your multi-channel marketing strategy can include channels like your website, social media, email, live chat but also sales from your offline stores, catalogs and phone orders.You can check his latest work on the Live Chat Blog and in the Resources section.Twitter Google Linked In Jonny is a co-founder at The Chat Shop.

You can use tools like live chat that are normally associated with support to create proactive sales campaigns that reach out to customers who browse your products.

Over the course of this ebook, you will learn how to: Most of your sales will happen over time and over several channels.

See which channels you should focus on and how they can work together to turn website visitors into potential customers.

Jacob Firuta from Live Chat and Jonny Everett from The Chat Shop prepared this collection of tips, know-how and data you can use to supercharge your sales.

The aim of this ebook is to help you tweak and optimize your website for sales as well as show you how to use live chat for ecommerce.

The sooner they can reach their favorite channel, the greater the chances of you getting another sale.