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And you can position yourself however you want – there’s no secret Solfeggio pose passed down by ancient healers.

The meditation (lotus position) sitting style works great, but it’s not necessary.

And if your life is too busy to eliminate noise and distractions entirely, just do the best you can.

This could be your couch, your bed, or just a nice spot on the floor.

No one wanted to face these guys, and for good reason. More Mike Tyson #31 of 2349 on The Best Athletes of All Time #22 of 28 on The Greatest Actor Responses To Sh*tty Interview Questions #5 of 308 on The Best Boxers of All Time #6 of 78 on The Best Heavyweight Boxers of All Time When you're considered the greatest of all time, it usually means you had a certain way of carrying yourself and intimidating other players, and that's exactly what Michael Jordan did.

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So, whether it was physical features, mad skills, or a combination of both, here are the toughest athletes in recent sports memory. Afterall, who would want to challenge a dude who once bit an opponent's ear and told another one he would eat his children?But avoid listening while you’re driving or when doing something that requires your full attention.