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Another scenario where branches are present are when we create them directly; either at some point in the migration stream we’d like different series of migrations to be managed independently (e.g.

we create a tree), or we’d like separate migration streams for different features starting at the root (e.g.

because Alembic knows that even though this revision isn’t a “real” head, it’s still something that we developers consider semantically to be a head, so it’s displayed, noting its special status so that we don’t get quite as confused when we don’t see it within $ alembic revision -m "more account changes" [email protected] Generating /path/to/foo/versions/34e094ad6ef1_more_account_...

done $ alembic upgrade heads INFO [alembic.migration] Running upgrade 55af2cb1c267 - If there’s any point to be made here, it’s if you are too freely branching, merging and labeling, things can get pretty crazy!

The $ alembic heads --verbose Rev: 53fffde5ad5 (head) (mergepoint) Merges: ae1027a6acf, 27c6a30d7c24 Path: foo/versions/53fffde5ad5_merge_ae1_and_27merge ae1 and 27c Revision ID: 53fffde5ad5 Revises: ae1027a6acf, 27c6a30d7c24 Create Date: 2014-11-20 .811663 merge mechanics The upgrade process traverses through all of our migration files using a topological sorting algorithm, treating the list of migration files not as a linked list, but as a directed acyclic graph.

The starting points of this traversal are the current heads within our database, and the end point is the “head” revision or revisions specified.

The offensive began on January 20th, 2018, with the intention of ousting the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) from the territory it controls in the northwest.

After breaking YPG defenses surrounding the city, Turkish ground forces have moved swiftly to besiege the city and, presumably, will begin urban combat operations in the next few days.

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Turkey’s cross-border intervention in Afrin, the Kurdish-controlled enclave in northwestern Syria separated from other Kurdish territory in northeastern Syria, has advanced to the outskirts of Afrin city.done identifiers may also be specified as branch names at the command line or directly within the migration file.

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