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Skype peaking at 8 million users logged in at the same time is not directly comparable to 54 million active user on AIM.These numbers are outdated numbers, but it was probably more accurate (at the time) than the list on here.Several years passed before a small company in Israel started a service called ICQ.The ones I know (AOL, yahoo, IM) only send a line once the user sends it. This seems to say that it is sent letter by letter (like the fictional apps seen in films). By the way, maybe it's good to look on the official websites of the great 4 instant messengers to see how they call their program (if they say how such programs are called generically).Bufflo , 7 January 2007 (UTC) Recently, many instant messaging services have begun to offer video conferencing features, Voice Over IP (Vo IP), and web Whenever one of my "AIM kiddie" cousins use my laptop in my car (I got EVDO) and wanna chit-chat with their friends, I have them quickly log-into their account from the web - I think it's the most known site for multi-client web-based chatting.Advantages are obvious: - no need to junk my pc with temp software - quick - bypass install restrictions say on library/internet cafe pc's Whatcha smart fellows think? -- Ashley VH , 26 November 2006 (UTC) Not sure if it is relevant, but there was a User Interface writen and in use across the Coventry Poly mainframe network in 1985, called Newt, it had lots of the features you see now, screen names in particular.Here's a proposal for a new paragraph opening up for History ...

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Still it is popular thinking that IM technology is one-to-one but as I pointed out in that document, you just can't make a one-to-one technology that works without solving many-to-many problems like presence information.

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