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The Hero's Secret allows players to experience the game without the plot alterations of the Linked Game.

At the end of this "Hero's Game", Link still receives a Secret to Holodrum/Labrynna, allowing the player to begin a Linked Game in the other game.

These secrets are used by beginning a new file and selecting "Secrets".

The exact password will vary depending on how the game was played (which animal companion Link had, which name he gave Bipsom, how this same child grew up, and so on), which allows the game to identify, for example, which animal companion to accord the game file when beginning a Linked Game (so that it is the same as the completed game file where the Secret to Holodum/Labrynna was obtained).

Thus, the Hero's Secret allows players to experience both the linked and non-linked versions of both games.

The Ring Secret is a fifteen-character password allows Link to transfer all his Magic Rings between linked files of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

See the "Mobile Applications" topic in the Oracle Application Framework Developer's Guide available from My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1315485.1 for caveats and known limitations before running on these platforms.

HTML-based applications are certified with the Safari browser on Apple i Pad and the Chrome browser on Android tablets.Every other secret obtained from then on will only work with the corresponding game file.As an alternative, two Game Boy Colors and a can also be used to begin a Linked Game without the use of secrets.Secrets, or Passwords, are a unique feature of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages and the centerpiece of Linked Games.

They are obtained in various parts of both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons and come in the form of ten, fifteen or twenty-character passwords, which vary from game to game.

At the end of a Linked Game, Link will receive the Hero's Secret instead of the Holodrum or Labrynna Secret.