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27-Aug-2020 08:10

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As love seems to be every person’s favorite language, dating and courtship can never be thrown out of the window when discussions about culture commence.Like any other countries around the globe, the Philippines has established its own set of unique, exemplary, and symbolic dating traditions and customs, making it more appealing to locals and foreigners alike.It can involve saying sorry a million times and giving her a tub of ice cream, or anything else that would make her happy, like a box of chocolates, a fancy dinner at her favourite place, or a shopping spree. There’s a reason why the Filipino people have always been known as a hospitable bunch.They welcome anyone and everyone into their homes and are ready to feed, entertain, and take care of their guests.No, this is not a way of showing you that they are beneath you in any way.It’s just their own way of showing you how much they care.Any Australian who’s dating a Filipina would tell you that just as they have a unique brand of beauty, they also have their own sets of quirks that make them 100% Pinoy.

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If you have never tried Filipino cuisine though, don’t be put off by the smell.It’s not even necessary for anything huge to happen, like an announcement that somebody’s getting married, or a death in the family.They can spend hours just talking about who so and so is dating, or about how one of the dogs got pregnant.From pre-colonial era up until present, the Filipino culture has remained true to its legacy in spite of the many innovation and societal changes it has gone through.

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Although there are tremendous shifts in terms of the wooing practices among Filipinos, still, it cannot be denied that they still give a huge amount of love and affection toward the persons they cherish, whether that romantic pursuit is done conventionally or contemporarily.Whether they believe it or not doesn’t matter – it has just become a subconscious practice for them, much like not leaving the table while someone is still eating, or that person will never get the chance to get married. It could be while she’s taking a shower, or while she’s cooking one of your favourite meals.

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