Predating christianity

27-Aug-2020 23:42

I started doing this myself and I can assure you that it really works. I wanted to find out where that power comes from and who gives us this power. I didn’t divide them into evil or good spirits; it seemed to me that they were just some kind of entities that can give you what you need.

I started studying this subject and found a book on Kabbalah that listed the names of various spirits and described certain rituals for calling them forth. I wondered why they are Jewish and started looking for more information.

We took commuter rail and since I wanted to do something during the trip, rather than just look out of window, I kept asking my mother to buy me a newspaper to read.

It was the early 1990’s, and there were all sorts of newspapers.

All the occult books that I previously read prepared me to perceive satan simply as the head of that hierarchy. I learned that there was a Church of satan and special music called black metal that openly glorified the prince of darkness and introduced people to the world of spirits and magic, where legends and fairy tales come true. For example, there are vulgar occultists—a kind of pop-satanists, who kill cats, put on makeup and visually express their views in every way possible. In particular, the satanic Bible by Anton Szandor La Vey, the notorious founder of the Church of Satan, says that the devil encourages violation of all ten commandments simply because it is natural.

I became interested in specific types of magic and started thinking about trying something myself.

When I was twelve, I was already into reading all sorts of brochures, like “Practical Magic” by Papus and similar stuff.

We continue presenting the articles based on Spas TV channel’s program My Path To God.

The host of the program, priest George Maksimov, interviews people who converted to Orthodoxy from various non-Orthodox denominations and heterodoxies.

He was not perceived as bad or evil, but rather as a misunderstood and tragic character that can give you unlimited power. That was how I got acquainted with satanists, the people who deliberately devote their lives to serving the devil. This seemed to me a magical island where I could hide from the reality of everyday life, and feel like a full-fledged resident of this fairy-tale country. Father George: As far as I understand, the satanists, no matter what they think of satan, are somehow fixated on evil. There are also people who do not waste their energy on that, but practice various rituals and look more serious. It promotes the idea that evil is not an absolute concept. For example, “thou shall not commit adultery” is presented like a limitation of people’s freedom and natural desires.

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