Reformed christian dating uk

04-Nov-2019 08:12

However, there is a more specific sense of the word Reformed, and this is more germane to our discussion.

Reformed in the more narrow sense refers to those groups that follow in the theological footsteps of John Calvin—in particular his doctrine of salvation.

However, since, according to its dogma, the Roman Catholic Church is the source of both Scripture and tradition, as well as the infallible interpreter of both, the matter of authority essentially boils down to the Catholic Church alone.

The Reformers believed that the Scriptures alone were the sole infallible rule for Christian faith and practice; hence the Bible is the ultimate authority in these matters.

What is the Baptist Church and what do Baptists believe?

Below is our big list of the best Christian podcasts that regularly provide content that is entertaining, Biblical, and edifying.

This is what separates the General Baptists from the Particular Baptists.

The General Baptists are so called because they hold to a belief of general atonement—Jesus died to make all men, in a universal sense, savable.

Other Baptist groups are so theologically liberal that they fall outside the boundaries of what is generally accepted as orthodox.

All this to say that Baptists come in many different shapes and sizes, but nominally they are all unified on the doctrine of adult believer baptism. There are some Baptist groups that claim the Baptist tradition can be traced in an unbroken line back to New Testament times, somewhat akin to the Roman Catholic tradition of papal succession.

Others claim that, while there was not an unbroken chain of Baptist churches going all the way back to New Testament times, there was a continuity of Baptist forms of faith going all the way back to the earliest beginnings of the church.

Generally speaking, to be Reformed means to have one’s roots in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Reformers were those who protested against certain abuses within the Roman Catholic Church.Related Topics: Who are the Free Will Baptists, and what do they believe?

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