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A month after we came back from camping she came round to the house one morning. She said she wanted me to do what I had done to her at the campsite.I sucked and fucked her little pussy for a good 4 hours until it was nearly red raw dumping 4 loads up inside her tight little twat. The second night their tent got swamped, so the following nights they’d sleep in ours. When I was 53 My wife and I took my daughter and her friend away camping.I assured her that I would be fine but the more I talked the more she tried to convince me otherwise. After dinner I told mom I was going to my “camp” and would be out there all night making sure I had to proper equipment. About midnight I had gone over my equipment list time and again and was about the turn in when I heard a noise coming from the direction of the house. Spurred by mom’s pleading and the feel of her tight hot pussy around my cock I couldn’t hold back and I started pounding her pussy with long deep strokes.

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She dates occasionally but rarely dated the same man more the 2 or 3 times before she breaks it off. I had a lantern on so there was some light but it was just enough of a glow to make things interesting. A 2 or 3 day hike in the mountains was one of my favorites. Several minutes later I raised up over my mother with my cock still buried deep in her dripping cunt. How about I make it a 3 day hike instead.” We both laughed as I felt my still buried cock start to harden in mom’s wet pussy.