Serena dating white guy advice for women dating behavior

05-Mar-2020 00:20

While the mainstream media has used such statistics to suggest that black women aren’t sexually desirable, black media has dug deeper, considering that the legacy of sexual abuse during slavery has made black women reluctant to cross the color line for romance.And yet suggesting, as Melony Hill did, that Black women betray their ancestors by partnering with white men, imposes a double standard, since black men aren’t held to the same standard despite the fact that white women also played roles in the beatings and fracturing of slave families.Cool, just don’t ask for my support or respect.”, Octavia Butler expertly demonstrates how the spectre of slavery haunts such relationships by having the protagonist, Dana, a modern-day black woman married to a white man, enter a time warp that transports her back to the plantation where her ancestors live.For Dana’s family line to continue to the present, she must convince one such slave ancestor to submit to sex with the predatory and abusive son of a plantation owner.

Yet this history isn’t typically exploited to accuse black men who wed interracially of betraying black women.

Serena Williams got engaged last week to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit.