Sex date hilo

10-Oct-2020 02:38

It takes a LOT of organization and club volunteer hours to get the Hilo Brewfest on its feet.At our regular Friday Rotary meeting on February 1, we had a short “pre-party” for club members... (Our Brew Crew Party Planners wanted to get everyone in the mood!And some of the jobs MUST BE DONE BY ROTARY MEMBERS..a party to get the club invested and involved.

7th Annual Hilo Brewfest at the beautiful Wainaku Executive Center at the edge of Hilo on June 29!

So when the call for expert “Hot Dog Help” was sent out by Bobbie Stivers-Apika, Club Vocational Service Chair, to help out at fellow member Chuck Porter’s Grand Opening of the Lex Brodie’s Car Wash/Fast Lube on Saturday, January 26. Addressing sex buyers is a critical step to reducing sex trafficking in Hawaiʻi. Thanks to club members Coach Jimmy Yagi and UHH Athletic Director Pat Guillen for the invite!

Two shifts of fast-footed club members arrived to take hot dog orders. Online Sex buyers create a market for victims to be bought and sold for sex and there is a tremendous incentive for traffickers to sexually exploit children and adults in Hawaiʻi. and to get the party going, club members “reported” to the Civic to munch on hot dogs (wow! ) and hamburgers under tents just outside the back doors. Stew, a really smart guy and former Seal, was one of the most gentle gentlemen of our club.

Tickets will be available at an April Ticket Sale Event...

bring CASH only and buy your ticket without the Event Brite Fee added in!

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