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One common annoyance for porn clerks is to hear a customer pull inaccurate information out of their ass, in order to impress their friends.

No, baby oil is not a safe vaginal lubricant (unless you want a yeast infection). They're for your vagina, because a cervix prevents them from getting lost internally. To avoid disappointment, many porn shop associates require a quick test of any battery-operated toy in order to make sure it is fully functioning before it leaves the shop. If I had a nickel for every person who blurted, “This isn’t for me! ” when I rang them up, I would have paid off my student debt a long time ago.

Their match was voted by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) as the Match of the Year, with Banks also being voted as the Woman of the Year, while their match at NXT Take Over: Brooklyn in August 2015 won the NXT Year-End Award for Match of the Year.

In 2016, she and Charlotte Flair became the first women to headline a WWE pay-per-view event and the first to compete in a Hell in a Cell match (both at Hell in a Cell in October 2016), the first women to main event Raw in a women's match since 2004 She made her in-ring debut, under the ring name Mercedes KV, on October 1, 2010 in an intergender tag team match, where she teamed with Nikki Roxx in a losing effort to Alexxis and Danny E.

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I've gained a lot of insights -- a deep knowledge of porn's customer base (just about every human being, at some time or another), empathy for the people working in adult shops, and a few rules of the road for the next time you stop in at a sex toy store, burlesque shop, or adult outfit anywhere, from coast to coast.

And anything with cinnamon on it should go NOWHERE NEAR your genitalia. And so are sex educators Tristan Taormino, Violet Blue, Dan Savage, and Dr. I’m sure that the ER would see fewer patients if people actually researched mystery items before using them. Letting the clerk know who you're actually shopping for can be helpful if you need some insights or suggestions. People who talk the most shit on other people’s kinks are the most insecure.