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300 acres in all," and the rapper is definitely planning to build an entire "housing community," presumably one that non-rich and famous people will live in.

Grainy photos show construction workers building the domes, which are approximately 50 feet high and described as both "dynamic" and "otherworldly," with their design inspired "from every period of man's existence on earth." rblms.require(["jquery"], function($) { $(function() { // default configuration var _ = ; _Prefix = ".js-"; _Tab = _Prefix 'tab'; _Toggle = _Prefix 'toggle'; _Overflow Box = _Prefix 'overflow-box'; _Scroll Trigger = _Prefix 'scroll-trigger'; _Prefix = "data-"; _Target = _Prefix "target"; _Toggle Class = _Prefix "toggle-class"; _Group Id = _Prefix "group-id"; _Share Status Id = _Prefix "share-status-id"; _Scope = _Prefix "scope"; _Priority = _Prefix "priority"; _Filters = _Prefix "filters"; _Triggers = _Prefix "triggers"; _Listeners = _Prefix "listeners"; _Element Loaded = _Prefix "loaded"; _.status Prefix = "js--"; _.status Active = _.status Prefix "active"; _.event Namespace = ".domi"; var _info = // store data for window listeners var _overflow Boxes = []; var _scroll Triggers = []; var _hub = $(''); // base element toggle function function toggle ($domi El, status, silent) function get Target($domi El, default Selector) function get Scope($domi El) function get Filters($domi El) function get Triggers($domi El) function get Listeners($domi El) function get Toggle Class($domi El) function get Group Id($domi El) function get Share Status Id($domi El) function get Priority($domi El) function trigger Events($domi El, status, silent) function register As Loaded($domi El) // js-tab // // usage: // // // function create Scroll Trigger(selector) function check Scroll Triggers() function scroll Direction Listener() $(window).scroll(scroll Direction Listener()); function ns(str) function bubble Sort(a) // entry point $domi = function (options) $domi.status = _info; $= _hub; // run for all the body elements by default $(function () ); // update link on click with query params feature var search Params =; var sliced Search Params = search Params.slice(1); // remove '?

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After you have verified you are scammer, you can start talking to Calabasas to find out if they like your profile. Just click to send a wink or quick message and patiently wait for a response.

vaguely details Kanye's "plan to revolutionize housing," which has apparently been a closely guarded secret for years.