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Despite each slight, however, I tried to maintain a positive attitude. Though I might have looked OK on the outside, inwardly, I experienced moments of deep frustration, resignation, self-pity, anger and impatience.

As I watched my friends and younger brothers marry, I felt like the hunchback, Quasimodo; I felt weak, ugly and powerless as the world of love left me behind.

I had to be truly open to the possibility that Christine might like me. I simply told her that I would be in the neighborhood and that I’d like to see her. Her gold hair was drawn up into big, alluring curls.

We went to Bar Italia, a sophisticated restaurant in St. On the wrought-iron-fenced terrace, we dined over a delectable meal of veal and red wine. That night, the hesitant, insecure voice in my head kept silent.

Just removing my shirt at a pool and pretending to be confident was not going to do it.

Healing meant stripping myself of something else, of my deeply held belief that no woman could love me – a man without arms. We met at Borders and talked about the happenings of our week. On Saturday night, Christine answered the door wearing a stunning short black dress.

He is a disability coach and the author of What’s Your Excuse?

Making the Most of What You Have, which has been translated into Spanish and is available via his Web site (

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I needed to take the higher road, to show her confidence. Louis sped by, her “yes” played over and over in my mind. As the new week began, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. With only two days remaining, on Thursday afternoon, I had to go back to St. I realized that I would finish my meeting about the time that Christine got off work. Louis, and I will be close to where she lives, I thought. Often, when two people first begin to date, an invisible “person” visits them in the form of a voice in their minds, speaking to their insecurities and past hurts. “Maybe it’s too soon.” Sometimes, the voice simply prevents them from enjoying the moment, asking sabotaging questions like “What is she thinking? ”By Thursday, the insecure voice in my head was running amuck, asking all sorts of questions. “Everything is already set up for our date on Saturday,” I said. “You’re wondering how to protect yourself from getting hurt.” The voice of truth! In high school, some girls slighted me in favor of hooking up with my athletic buddies.“Be authentic; tell her that you want to see her.”Jim helped me to see that I had developed a deep wound of rejection.