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Additionally the PID of sc_serv is listed in the log file.When run on Linux / Mac OS X / BSD then some additional signals are supported to allow for additional control over the running daemon instance of sc_serv.The following signals can be used with the 'kill' command (in the manner of your choosing for using the kill command) along with the Here you can find a complete list of all of the configuration options which are provided by sc_serv which ranges from logging to networking configuration and control over the media being used when streaming via the server.Configuration entries labelled as can be used to set up simultaneous connections to the server or allow for multiple connections from various sources.The aim of sc_serv is to provide enhanced serving features and also access to the new YP2 infrastructure whilst maintaining as much backward compatibility with previous versions of sc_serv as possible.

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The reason for needing to enable this support is if you try to do it with the original SHOUTcast 1 protocol then it will not work as the original protocol has no means of expressing multiple streams from a single port due to the lack of an identifier provided for them.

To run sc_serv with a configuration file in the same folder as the server as the current system user account you would enter into the console: Remember to enable the required access on the sc_trans file by doing 'chmod a x sc_trans' after extracting it from the distribution file otherwise the OS is likely to not run it and show the error message './sc_serv: Permission denied'.

- The PID of the daemon instance (reported when the daemon started or can be found with 'ps ax | grep sc_serv' as long as sc_serv was the file run otherwise you can just use 'ps ax' if the filename isn't known).

If they do not match, there will be a break in the stream and the listener will be disconnected.

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introfile : File to play when a client first connects to the server [Default = ] Note: This is used globally and also is default for stream #1 on DNAS versions greater than 2.0.

These are specified by adding _# to the end of the option's name as shown below where # begins with one.