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He challenged me to help him with the ropes, and the radio, when we sailed through a squall.

He was not an experienced sailor, but I knew he wouldn’t take unnecessary risks with me on board, and I felt safe in a way I had never felt with another man. I wanted flowers, dancing, compliments, and I told him so.

The first thing I usually said was, “You’ll get stuck with baggage”. All of my girlfriends who actually married single dads are in the happiest relationships I know and in solid marriages.

Time after time, these men have proven to be exceptionally devoted husbands and fathers.

When we’d been married just over a year, I got pregnant with our first child.

Morning sickness hit and we shifted into survival mode.

Here some of the things I have witnessed in these dedicated men after re-marrying more than 10 of my girlfriends: Having a child opens a man up emotionally.

Our four kids worked together to pitch their tent, and we pitched ours. When the hail stopped, I unzipped the tent to start dinner, and stepped into a puddle a foot deep.

My husband has always wanted to take our kids backcountry camping, so last summer, he planned a trip.

Our kids were 17, 15, 13 and 10 at the time, busy with summer camps and jobs, so the only days we all had free overlapped with our twentieth wedding anniversary.

A lactation consultant was summoned, but she gave up after an hour. My husband put the do-not-disturb sign on the door and told me this was a mechanical problem.

He held the baby in position against my breast, and right away, our son latched on and started to nurse.We were moved from Labor and Delivery into the Maternity Ward, and a nurse announced it was time to breastfeed.